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Do you remember nature?

It used to be as close as the trees outside your window. As close as the empty lot alongside the old house. As close as the next camping trip. The peace and the joy that being lost in nature could bring never seemed that far away.

Then life changed. For too many of us, the trees, the empty lot and the camping trip are tucked into the past, buried by a time of bills and deadlines. For too many of our children, that passive, playful retreat is a fairy tale replaced by a hyperactive time of all-day preschool and college entrance exams.

But nature remembers you, and it's waiting to welcome you home.

Peacemaker Treehouse was created to help people reconnect with the peace and joy they left behind, and share that feeling with a new generation. Through custom design, construction and consultation services we work with nature's ultimate ambassadors - the trees that grow all around us - to bring people off the ground and back into a world of relaxation and imagination they thought was lost forever.

It's not lost. Nature is waiting just outside your door.

And we'd love to help take you home.

John Carberry
Peacemaker Treehouses
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