Michael Garnier's network of bridge-connected treehouses sits aloft among the Douglas firs at his Out-N-About resort in Oregon.

So, where can I learn more?

There's a lot to learn before deciding if a professionally built treehouse is in your future. We're happy to guide you through the process. But if you'd rather gather some information on your own, here are links to some of the best treehouse designers, builders and artists, as well as some site with loads of useful information about the craft.
The link to the master, Michael Garnier and his Out-N-About Treesort in southwest Oregon. Michael offers courses on treehouses and has information about treehouse construction, parts and equipment. He also offers design and construction services as well as virtual tours of his vast tree-borne complex. It's a wonderful place to visit, in person or online.
When Michael Garnier's vision ran him afoul of some local officials, friend and engineer Charles Greenwood helped make mathematic sense of the art Garnier was exploring. Greenwood's expertise and influence on the science of treehouse design over the past two decades is second to none -- from exploring safe load limits to developing and redeveloping the industry standard anchor bolts that made the modern treehouse movement possible. Charley also is the consulting engineer on all Peacemaker Treehouse projects.
The premier professional treehouse design and construction firm in North America. Partners Pete Nelson and Jake Jacob have been at it since 1997. Chances are, if you've seen a jaw-dropping treehouse on television or in a newspaper or magazine, Pete and Jake built it. The folks at THW in Washington State offer a full range of professional services, and have been running a treehouse construction workshop for all skill levels for years. Pete also is the author of several highly regarded treehouse books.
Bill Allen walked away from a business career to combine two passions - his work helping disabled and ill children, and his family background as a builder. His Vermont-based not-for-profit company, Forever Young Treehouses, specializes in all-access treehouses in large private and public settings. Bill raised the bar on size and complexity, and the overall joy factor. Even his ramps are works of art.
Anisa and Roderick Romero have been exploring art in various forms and media since the 1980s. Roderick now focuses on what he calls "sculptural treehouses" and has designed and built some of the most visually stunning and technically creative treehouses in the world.
This Great Britain-based company is one of the premiere treehouse builders in the world. If you want to see what's possible, there's no better place to look.
The aptly named Jonathon Fairoaks has been building custom treehouses for more than four decades. At Living Tree, he brings a background as an ISA certified arborist, and his knowledge of cabling and rigging trees for treehouses is widely respected.

Crafted from recovered wood supplied by Pioneer Millworks and ironwood branches found on site, this stairway lifts visitors into the tree at the Gell Center in Upstate New York.
Part of the second generation of professional treehouse builders, Dan Wright learned from some of the industry's pioneers and created Tree Top Builders. Based in southeastern Pennsylvania, Dan's specialty is kids treehouses. His site offers a lot of information. He even sells some high-quality treehouse installation hardware for those who want to try their own hand at the craft.
While hardly limited to treehouse construction alone, no one in the world builds children's play structures with the artistic passion and energy of Barbara Butler. Her San Francisco-based company has been defining the play structure art form since the mid 1980s. Take a look, and see what's possible when dreams and great carpentry work together.
A great source for information about the art and science of treehouse construction. A must-read if you want to try building your own treehouse, and a great place to start learning about the craft before calling a professional. The site includes a list of builders, as well as an index with reviews of treehouse books available online.
The DIY network brought a father and son team together with B'Fer Roth, a veteran treehouse builder and a lead designer with Bill Allen's Forever Young. The goal: build a treehouse in a week. There are some shortcuts for the sake of speed, but B'Fer's passion and creativity come through in all five one-hour episodes of what DIY called "Project Tree House." It's a great way to see the building process unfold and be introduced to many of the core concepts of sound treehouse construction.
Based in Vermont's Mad River Valley, the Yestermorrow Design/Build School has been teaching students for almost 30 years in the ways of careful, sustainable construction. Most years they offer one or two treehouse courses, taught by some of the country's top professionals.